Athleisure wear – Your New Age Fitness Fashion Guide

Athleisure wear is the perfect bridge between comfortable and stylish outfits. Perfect for an early morning workout regime and suitable for late evening tea sessions, athleisure wear has seen a growth of nearly 42% in recent years.

People’s choice of fashion and comfort was the actual reason that athleisure wear became such a rage. From being worn for physical activities to making the way to ramp shows, athleisure wear has become a part of everyday wear.

In fact, we can see the stylish yoga pants and funky sports shoes becoming a part of office wear. Workout hoodies and jackets have already replaced the normal suit, while the dial watches are now being replaced with fitbits. Today’s generation is more focused on living a stylish and healthy life, rather than just accommodating a fashionable lifestyle.

What is Athleisure?

The literal meaning of athleisure is ‘workout/gym clothing’. And the credit for making athleisure fashion such a trend goes straight to paparazzi. Clicking Bollywood and Hollywood diva photos post their workout regime has garnered a lot of positive feedbacks on outfits.

With the latest trends making strong fashion headlines every day, this fashion segment is becoming a part of every woman’s wardrobe.

Ways to Pair/Wear

Here’s a quick way to improvise on your Athleisure fashion wear. Next time while stepping out while donning athleisure clothes remember to pair them right.

Dresses with Sports Shoes

Loose fitted sport tee dresses are a rage these days. You can easily pair such sport dresses with sneakers or sports shoes for an elevated sporty look. Complete your entire look with a messy half-bun and big hoops.

Sports Bra with Mesh Tops

Summer trends are just around the corner. Go bold and flaunt your hot summer body with mesh tops paired with the sexy strap sports bra. Spaghetti within mesh top is so old school, bid them goodbye and say hello to the fabulous sports bra.

The best part of sports bra apart from looking cool is that its high impact support helps in your daily chores effectively. Complete your look with a low-key or no-makeup look and keep minimalistic accessory.

Track Pants with Crop Tops

We cannot disagree with the fact that track pants are the most comfortable pants, you can flex your waist and legs the way you want. No more worrying about those belts, buckle and tight jeans fit.

Give a break from your routine heavily stuffed jeans wear and try some amazing jogger/track pants. Complete your ensemble with boots or wedge sneakers.

Gym Shorts with Hoodie

Keep up with the latest gym fashion with trending gym shorts. Got an old hoodie, pair them with gym shorts. Hoodies usually are over-sized and look cool when paired with high rise socks and sports shoes. Make your gym fashion game look trending with this athleisure wear hack.

Yoga pants with a regular T-Shirt

Yoga pants are no longer just casual pants. With mesh detailing on the sides, and cool graphics all over, this piece is winning hearts all-over. But, hey let’s first understand that cool color bottoms deserve plain tops/tees. Pair your yoga pants with solid subtle color tees and get ready to rock n roll with your gym time.


We should not forget one thing that no matter how casual or fun athleisure wear is, at the end of the day it is simply a workout attire. So, do not go overboard with chunky jewelry.

Keep it minimal or better even opt for no accessories. The bare minimal accessory you can opt should be a bag that goes pretty well with your entire ensemble.

Athleisure has opened a whole new fashion world, and the best part amidst everything is now fitness has got a motivation for being stylish. Athleisure wear is not going to fade out or stop any soon, as this section has a lot of potentials.

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