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With the last year of the decade in play, the entire fashion industry is expecting a lot of new and jaw-dropping fashion trends to set the year 2020 on fire. With the lingerie industry becoming a major part of the fashion business, the most is being expected of this segment.

Gone are the days, when bras were just considered as a part of basic innerwear. These days bra constitutes an important part of a female outfit, it’s more elaborate, colored, flaunted, and designed than any other apparel medium.

With all designers on the desk, and high-profile minds working on the lingerie segment, 2020 expects a lot of variation in upcoming designs to bring a new perspective to this industry. Here are the top 4 kinds of bras that will prove to be the trendsetters of 2020.

Sports Bra

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Sports Bra constitutes of major fashion dynamics for 2020. It’s proudly worn as outerwear, also if paired with the right clothing it gives a smart structure to the body. The high impact fabric and design help the body to stay structured and well-sculpted.

Available in all kinds of range from a cotton non -padded sports bra offering full coverage and lightly padded sports bra, the product is widely accessible for women in all shapes and sizes. 

Perfect for both casual and formal outings, it can easily be paired with cool jackets or power suits. Feeling to combine both the looks, we recommend a high-quality sports bra with maximum support, to adorn the coolest look in the town.

Lacy Bralette

Lacy Bralette bra online

All we girls at one point of time have/definitely wanted to own sexy bralettes, and why shouldn’t we, they are cute yet elegant and oh-so-wonderful. Perfect to wear when you just want to walk around as they are so comfy and free.

But hey, that doesn’t mean you cannot wear it outside, you must have seen all the celebrities pairing their beautiful bralette bra with see-through tops, or even just with outerwear. 

These lace bralettes or super sexy caged bra, are available in all sorts of sizes so even if you are curvaceous do not worry, there are options for you too. Want to feel seductive yet elegant and classy? We suggest you opt for lacy bralettes.

Bras with Back Detailing

Bras with Back Detailing

Have you ever struggled to pair something really cool with your low back dresses and yet failed? Well, bras with cool back detailing are here for your rescue, imagine a cool mesh back detailing bralette, worn over a mesh or low back tops, it seems so sexy, right? These bras are comfortable, sexy and versatile as such that it can be worn as outerwear for a more sensual look.

Available in super strappy sassy look and lacy look, these bras are entitled to add an extra oomph to your entire demeanor. Sexy racerback detailing is an effortless way to add a visually appealing aesthetic to an open or bareback top.

If you just wish to sport your back-detailing bra with high waist jeans, we suggest you a longline bralette that sits a little lower on your torso. Pair your final look with boots and a boyfriend shirt with some ultra-chic jewellery.

Halter Neck Bras

Halter Neck Bras

Bras that can be substituted as tops as well are the definite trendsetters of 2020. And in that queue halter neck bra wins everyone’s heart. Perfect for a warm summer day, party attire or even casual evening tea-time. 

Halter neck bra with low back is also apt for low back dresses. To add a little drama to your final look, pair your halter neck bra with your shorts, strapless dresses, and skirts to make your outfit more demanding and beautiful.

But in case you have any reservation on showing off your straps we do recommend you halter neck bra with clear straps

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