Your Guide to Choose Non-Padded Bras

The first step towards understanding your body is to understand your lingerie. Just like we react to people around us, our body too reacts to the way we treat it. The key to building a good lifestyle is to eat good and wear good.

We ladies, indulge in a basic love and hate relationship with our bras. On one hand, where we love the style and support it offers us, on the other we hate the caged feeling that it provides.

We understand that choosing the right bra that sculpts, shapes and supports you is a task. Hence, we are here to free you from that burden, as we take on the journey of ‘how to choose your perfect bra: the non-padded bra’.

Defining Non-Padded Bras & It’s Benefits

Bras that do not have pads attached to their cups are called non-padded bras. Made with ultra-soft lingerie fabric, non-padded bras take the shape of your natural bust. Available in both seamless and Cut & sew version non-padded bras fit in well for your everyday attire.

Non-padded bras are also one of the first choices for women with bigger busts as they further do not wish to enhance their breasts. An apt option for sarees and kurtis, non-padded bras comes in both wired and non-wired versions depending on an individual’s preference.

The biggest advantage of a non-padded bra is its versatility, women with fuller or lesser breasts both can rely on non-padded bras for proper bust support. Give your breasts a perfect shape as your non-padded bras are lighter and will not hinder your natural shape. Pamper your bosom with softer fabric non-padded bras and be assured to get great support.

Available Options

Just like your other bras, non-padded bras to come in various fabric options. From cool cotton to luscious laces and soothing synthetics, non-padded bras can be chosen in the fabric of your preference.


It is your everyday wearable non-padded bra option, as the fabric comes handy in sweat absorption and regulating moisture.


Add a touch of femininity and sensuousness with lacey non-padded bras, to your everyday comfort.

Usages for Non-Padded Bras 

Lacey Affair

Ideal for special occasions, non-padded bras add an amazing sensual and feminine touch. Get allured with beautifully embroidered lacey non-padded bras.

Enhance your cleavage

Flaunt your exquisite cleavage with great non-padded plunge bras. Perfect for your deep-cut blouses/tops choose non-padded plunge bra for that glam look.

Added pads for comfort

While the fear of perky boobs haunts every girl, you can always mask the entire awkwardness with silicone nipple patch or detachable pads.

Non-padded underwired bras

Just your regular padded bras, non-padded bras to come with underwire to provide you with extra support. It lifts the boobs from below and gives it the perfect shape.

    Ideal for women of different body and shape requirements, non-padded bras suits everyone either with the heavy or light bust. Available in all bra categories like a sports bra, seamless bra, a minimizer bra or plus-sized bras, the non-padded bra category is famous for women of different sizes and preferences. For smoother comfort, great contour and perfect fitting browse and shop online for bras of your preference.

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