5 Ways to Wear a Sports Bra

In today’s sportswear craze that seems to be so prevailing these days, we’ve decided to tell you how sports bra for gyms can be handy outside!

With athleisure wear dominating the casual and formal look in today’s time different types of sports bras can make a woman's life so much easy. Be it to the gym, at home or even out, you can wear them pretty much everywhere and with everything. 

Sometimes, they’re even versatile enough to be worn as crop tops! The sports bra is slowly but surely appearing on style blogs and designer lines, and is a great way to amp up your look.

To help you utilize this new trend, we’ve put together a few outfits’ team-ups to help you. Here are a few tips on how to wear sports bra outside the gym:

  • With A Mesh Top

Sports bra

When you’re not quite sure what to wear with that slight mesh top hanging in the back of your closet, a full coverage sports bra is the perfect balance between a bra and a camisole. It’s not as revealing as a bra, but also not as constricting as a camisole, and it’s a perfect alternative for any outfit. 

This is an edgy look that will go far and allows for a lot of versatility in terms of what kind of style you'd like to achieve. Pair the outfit with a skirt and finish it off with block heels.

  • As A Top With High-Waist Trousers

With the athleisure trend still prominent, you can get away with wearing your sports bra all day. You can switch out your usual crop top with a sports bra when wearing high-waist bottoms. 

This is a great way to play with levels and layers in your outfit and also achieve a sporty-chic look. To complete this sporty outfit, wear high-rise neon sneakers and be insta-ready.

  • As A Vest With Leggings

Sports Bra for girls

Lingerie is now a fashion accessory, rather than just saved for underpinnings, so why not try your bra on top of your shirt? We’ve seen this with the corset and bralette trends, but you can also do it with a sports bra! 

As long as it’s not too tight, you should be able to slide it over a button-up easily, exposing the collar on top of the bra. Pair this look with leggings and a pair of striking shoes and you’ve got yourself a street-style worthy #OOTD.

  • With A Power Suit

You may not wear a suit every day to work, but chances are, with some pieces in your wardrobe, you could put one together. Whether it be a black blazer and trouser, or a bold printed blazer and a pair of black dress shorts, the options are endless. Opt-out of the blouse for a night out and try sporting one of your ultra-supportive yet fashionable padded sports bras. 

Sure, it’s a bold look, but hey – trying something new is fun. With the blue and black sports bras, pick up the blue for the blazer, and stuck with a simple black high waisted cigarette pant for the bottom.

  • With An Oversized Blazer

Sports Bra for Heavy breast
When you think of sportswear, you may think of athleisure – but some sports bras are designed so beautifully, you can dress them up with a blazer. This is more of a boyish take on the sports bra/blazer look, but it still works just as well for a bohemian look. Rock the over-sized blazer with some smaller pieces for a balanced look. 

You get the coverage you want on top while showing a little bit of neckline. Pair the outfit with a solid skirt and you’ve got a highly stylized outfit that everyone will compliment you on.

So, which one of these outfits’ ideas would you like to try with your sports bra, let us know in the comment section below! And for an amazing fit and different styles shop on our online store

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