7 Clever Lingerie Hacks you’ll Love to Share with Your Girl-Friends

Women are completely obsessed over their one intimate companion for life that is her bra. While it’s true that bras support our breasts and keep us uplifted for the entire day, here are some little tips and tricks that will help you get maximum comfort from your lingerie. Here are 7 basic life-changing lingerie hacks that will change your lingerie game. If you are leaning on to learning some cool bra hacks here you go.

Let go off the pain from your shoulders

The painful digging of straps in the shoulder can only be understood by women with fuller breasts. Women with larger breasts often suffer from innate shoulder pain mainly due to breast sagging and wrong bra sizes. To get some ease from this difficult situation, using silicon gel pads on your bra straps to make them more comfortable.

The perfect sewing trick to keep your straps in place

A simple in-built /tailored hook and eye on the insides of your top/kurti will keep the bra strap safe and secure. Frustrated with bra straps always showing from the shoulders?  Well use this little trick and you are good to go.

Wear your bra in a lightning-fast speed

Want to quickly fasten your bra hooks? Lock them in the front and rotate it to the back for quick and easy bra-wearing technique.

P.S. Use this hack only when you don’t feel like struggling with bra hooks behind your back.

Want a racerback bra – We have a solution

Now this hack is by far the most loved and accepted one. You’ll be needing a paper clip for this hack. Use a paper clip to bind two straps of the bras together and create a criss-cross/racerback bra.

Want to feel a little more stylish? Buy fancy bra straps clips available at every leading store. The main pros of a bra strap clip is that owing to its creative look one can wear and flaunt it at the same time.

Convert your bras as per your conveniences

Do you have the amazing low back neckline dress, but you aren’t comfortable with pasties or nipple covers, and still avoiding that flawless dress? Hey, do not worry we have an apt solution for you, use a converter on your bra to wear it underneath the low back dresses. The purpose of this converter is to extend the straps and bring them to the lower back. It hides the straps effectively and also gives full support to the bust by working as a full-time bra and supporting your bosoms.

Tired of frequently pulling up your strapless bra, and does it make your feel awkward in public too? Here’s a tip that might come handy, use a convertible bra as a strapless bra. Keep one strap hooked in, bring the strap around the front and hook the strap on the other side.

This will help the bra from falling off and give a lot of support to the strapless bra. Alternatively, you can also choose to cut and sew an old bra into the inside of your braless dress and voila you are ready to go. This hack will completely remove the need of wearing a strapless bra or bra at all.

The way of storing them

The right way of storing a bra properly can increase their longevity. To keep the cup of your bra intact, hang them on a hanger or wooden hooks. Hanging them upright without damaging their cups will help the bras to retain the shape as well.

While traveling, use bra storing cases for keeping them from getting spoiled and damaged. We suggest the usage of bra bags that works wonders in carrying 3-4 bras and panties all in one tiny color-pop bag.

The right wash

The right way of washing bra is treating them with cold water, mild detergent, and handwashing them after soaking them properly for almost 3-4 hours. If you want to wash your bra in a washing machine well that can also be a choice. Use a micro-mesh bra wash bag to keep it safe from getting entangled with other clothes and getting the bra fabric stretched unnecessarily.

Make your lives easier with these simple hacks and yourself from some disaster moments. Try these hacks now and thank us later. Also, keep shopping with us at www.gsparisbeauty.com.

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