Your bra deserves a lot of love and pampering. Here are the top 5 lingerie guides that will help you keep your favorite lingerie sets going for a longer period of time. Love your beautiful bras, follow these basic rules and keep them happy.

  1. Give it a break: Just like you, your bras need a little break too. Never continue wearing the same bra on days at a stretch. After one or two days skip wearing the same bra. This will keep the elastic life of bra intact, and also it’s a part of good hygiene.
  2. Washing instruction: The life of any padded bra depends on how you handle its fabric and pads. After washing never rinse or spin-dry them, let the water seep out naturally. Air-dry your bra in a shaded place, always use a mild detergent or fabric softener as a washing ingredient and hand-wash them. 
  3. Place it properly: Lay your padded bras flat in the drawer or hang it by a hook, the pads of a padded bra should always be kept open to increase its longevity. Doing so will also help them retain shape. 
  4. Start with the last: The last hook is your cue! Yes, my friend, you heard it right, the last hook of your bra should be the first one to start with. The bust elasticity of your bra will eventually wear off and then you can move gradually on the second and first hook. Usually, everyone starts from the first hook not realizing that they never happen to fully wear their bra.
  5. Machine Wash Care: Feel absolutely no shame is tossing your bra in a washing machine for a quick wash. Just make sure to put your bra in a lingerie bag in order to avoid unnecessary entanglements, select the gentle cycle on machine, use cold water and mild detergent for all your washes.

We’re sure just by following these simple steps you will increase the life of those beauties. Remember your lingerie is the closest fabric to your skin clean and keep in a better way as possible.