8 Different kinds of panties every woman must have!

Women these days take underfashion quite seriously. We often do not realize this; but to us, our innerwear is almost as essential as the air we breathe. Counting the bare necessities on how our innerwear is important, let’s say that it gives us day-long support, comfort, and hygiene.

The right support of our intimates gives us the freedom to carry on with daily chores. Innovation may have changed the fashion façade but the truth remains inevitable that the right underwear gives us immense pleasure and confidence.
Having talked about the right innerwear, we almost every time are a little forgetful about panties/undies. Women have plenty of variation or choices when it comes to lingerie but we have to admit, that the basic ones are the most comfortable. Here’s a list of 8 types of panties that are a must-have for every woman’s lingerie closet.

Lace Panties: The showstopper of a lingerie closet; it’s every woman's desire to have at least one lace panty in her closet. We women love to dress up, and it's true that indeed our dresses decide our mood for the day. Lacey panties endow us with grace, sensuousness, flirty mood and a captivating charm. Laces, bows, and embroidery detailing also triggers our feminine side. When we say, ‘ladies got a special dance tonight’ you know exactly which lingerie to choose.

Classic Briefs: When you mix comfort along with style all you get is classic briefs a.k.a. Granny Panties. Hey! Don’t get bogged down by the name, because these are the same panties you wear every day. With maximum coverage, high waist-band and cottony (most of the time) fabric these panties have been every woman’s BFF since eternity.

Boyshort: The only panties in women’s innerwear range that provides excellent coverage and comfort. Your everyday friendly panty sets, they start from our waist and covers the entire hip. A very feminine take to the actual boy shorts, they have thick waistbands for maximum support. Usually paired under dresses or skirts for maximum coverage, boyshorts are incredibly comfortable pieces to own.

Bikini: Don’t you wish to evoke your feminine side sometimes? Bikini is the answer to those times when “feeling feminine” is the ulterior goal! Featuring low-rise; and providing less rear coverage, bikini panties are actually inspired from bikini bathing suits. To flatter your gorgeous figures, adorn the sensual bikini panty and pair it with similar or different colored bras.

Hipster: Similar to the family of bikini; hipsters are squared cut and slightly high-rise panties. With extra coverage on the sides, they do actually give shape to your waist. For a seamless look and comfortable fit wear, a hipster is a perfect option for your regular jeans/jeggings.

Thong: Feel oh-so-damn-sexy with thongs, a true must-have for every woman’s lingerie wardrobe. The lace structure in the front, thin sides, and minimal rear coverage promise to give you a sexy feeling every time. Go almost panty-free with sexy thongs.

Hi-Cut Brief: Derived from the classic brief style panty; this style has a higher waistband, with longer and wider leg openings. With moderate to full coverage and higher cut leg, hi-cut briefs give upper waist support. For your high waist jeans and skirts, put on a hi-cut brief.

Seamless panties: Those bodycon dresses and silken pants deserve seamless panties. With almost no stitch on either leg holes and super soft fabric, seamless panties are a must-have for your lingerie closet. Another added benefit to seamless panties is that the waistbands are no stitch proof as well.

Panties with Broad Elastic: These panties act like a tummy trimmer, where you want to hide your love handles bulging out of your dress giving an odd shape. The broad elastic hugs your tummy tight and helps hiding those extra bulges. It is the best alternative for shape wears and is easy on your pocket too.

Underwear does a lot to bring your entire ensemble together, choose your right size underwear and get confidence from within to take on the world!

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