Choose Comfort, Style and Freedom with Tube Bras

Women fashion has been the talk of the tinsel town since the discovery and innovation of fabrics. Be it award ceremonies, weddings or just a casual hangout, we women have always been conscious of what we wear and how do we look.

Styling ourselves is not just to impress others but it’s also about how we want to project ourselves. 

And, the primary step towards styling is getting our lingerie right. With a long list of innovations made in the past few years in the lingerie world, one piece that has always made its way to every woman’s wardrobe is the Tube Bra.

Perfect for grown-up ladies and teenage girls, Tube bra has been the rescuer for those elevated no shoulder tops and dresses.

What is a Tube Bra? How is it different from the strapless bras?

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A Tube a.k.a. the Bandeau bra is a super stretchy strapless fabric with two thick bands, one of the top and other on the bottom, for better support. 

Now, the only difference between a tube bra and a strapless bra is the closure. On one hand, where the strapless bra comes with hook and eyes on its back like any bra, the tube bra because of its stretchy fabric comes without any closure.

In other words, one can also refer to a tube bra as a slip-on bra. They usually come with removable pads which can be used according to your conveniences.

Support & Coverage

The idea of making tube bra was more related to styling rather than support. Women with larger busts might struggle with tube bras as there are no straps for any additional support. 

While we love everything about tube bras, we must never forget that any form of physical activity like dancing or rushing around in the office might be a little difficult while wearing them. Unless and of course, you don’t want to indulge in fixing/pulling them up the entire day.

Fit for deep neckline dresses and tops, a tube bra can fix this situation in a much better and elegant way than your average bra. Because of its lacey or embroidery detailing, a tube bra can be your saviour at times when you don’t want to invest in plunge bras.

Ways to Style your Tube Bra.

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While a strapless bra is your average bra without straps, the tube bra is much more than that. Made with stretchy fabric and super elegant/chic designs, you get the freedom to pair them with looks of your choices.

Smart Casuals

Remember those bold 90’s and early 20’s when girls would flaunt their midriff while donning just a bandeau bra with high ride/flared jeans. Well, with flared jeans back in style this look is apparently back in the town.

Chic Formals

Pairing Bandeau bra with formals might sound a little insane but guess what this look is going to be your favorite in the next formal meeting.

Pairing a smart suit with the right and elegant tube bra inside is just what you need to keep the meetings formal and business at the same time.

Because of its strapless design, you can always opt for tube bras when in the mood for sporting an off-shoulder/tube/no-shoulder attire. And, here comes the best part because the tube bras are technically wire-free there is not one situation where it can poke you.

What more a blessing can be rather than this. So, visit now and shop tube bras online for greater comfort, fit and style. Invest in a good bandeau/tube bra and get your strapless styling game even stronger.

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