Do Not Put Your Bras Down During this Lockdown

This lockdown period has taken a huge toll on the entire nation. While there are front line people who are stepping outside of their houses daily, to maintain the public decorum, we as responsible citizens must stay indoors and do our bit as well.


While the nation has undergone lockdown, we all are staying back at home and working. It’s time that we pay some special attention to our appearance too.


Being locked in your home for such a long time might prove to be dull and boring. But this is a good time to maintain a healthy life routine. While there are hundreds of us girls who are thinking like ‘Yay, no bra days are here’; let’s not forget that maintaining good shape for breasts is as important as any health regime.


Your bras don’t just shape your bosom, it supports them. They help them keep upright and not sag over time due to gravity and age. Women with either large or small breast sizes need a bra as it helps to maintain posture. Experts say that bras are necessities of every wardrobe, women with fuller breasts tend to develop back pain if they do not wear bras regularly.


Unsupported breasts may lead to connective tissue and ligament damage, therefore it is essential to maintain the structural integrity with the right sized bra. While we are in quarantine and going out is now forbidden, we have time to exercise a little; do some yoga, binge watch Netflix, read that book or pick up some new hobbies for entertainment.


Indulge in some indoor exercise and yoga, give full support to your breasts with superb fitting high impact sports bras. Perform your daily exercise with ease donning great fitting bras and track pants.


Even when you are doing your daily chores prefer wearing a bra that supports you from beneath. Our breasts’ skin is more sensitive than the rest, so we must take a little extra care of them. Avoiding bras can also lead to chafing; to avoid such a painful act wearing even a normal non-padded and non-wired bra can be helpful.


It’s important to maintain the natural shape of your breasts and a bra not only maintains them but it also enhances the look. Ever feel that you breast wobble when you walk, well that’s an early sign that they are losing elasticity and firmness. Give your breasts the support it needs, the right bra works wonderfully when it comes to giving support and shape.


The choice of wearing the types of a bra is definitely up to you. You might like a simple non-wired, non-padded bra. Or you might also want to go all fancy and dotting perfect with wired and padded bras.


Some of you might also like to go bold and try that amazing push-up bra, or a bralette. Just remember whatever you do, do not put your bra down during this lockdown. Let nothing come between your bras and perfect bosoms. For perfectly awesome and comfortable bras, visit

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