Importance of Wearing The Right Size Bra

Our breast size changes every six months; we generally do not notice these changes, but experts suggest that we must get our breast measurement done twice a year.

In India, approximately 80% of women wear the wrong bra cup size. This happens due to multiple reasons, primarily because we do not understand the importance of wearing the right size bra.

Before we understand the importance of bra, first let’s understand a little about breasts and what problems are associated with it, if we avoid or wear a wrong bra size.

Our breasts aren’t made of muscles; they are entirely made of tissues and fat. Now, if we do not support the breasts in the right manner; due to their weight they are pulled downwards which causes major strain on your neck, shoulder, and facial tissue, causing them to break.

Pros of wearing the right fit

  • A well-fitted bra makes you look slimmer; also giving your body a better silhouette, making you appear lifted and toned.
  • A good bra gives you posture, it helps to contour your bosom. You feel great with all the outerwear that you choose to wear.
  • Apart from enhancing your physical appearance, a well-fitted bra also helps you to deal with shoulder and neck strain.
  • A well-fitted bra uplifts your breasts from beneath and the support is much needed to have non-sagging breasts. It also helps in keeping your neck tissues and nerves healthy.

How can you tell you are wearing the wrong size?

Have a close watch on how your body/breasts react to your bra it will tell you when you need a new bra.

Notice these signs:
- When the back band rides up.
- Your bands on the shoulders don’t stay up or dig too much to a level, it hurts you.
- You can see gaps or empty places in your cups.

As the breasts are made of fat and tissues, the cup area is the first place where you’ll be able to see any spillage or gaps. The cup size of your bra should encase wonderfully, and if it’s an underwire bra, it should never be pokey.

The easiest way to find if your bra cup size fits perfectly; lift your arms, twist your body and your bra should remain in place.

How often should you measure yourself?

Experts say that our breast size and shape change every 6-7 months. So, it’s apt that we must measure ourselves if not twice at least once a year. The weight of your breasts highly depends on your body weight, weight loss or gain, age also affects the weight of your breasts. Also, we women should maintain a bra cup size chart that helps us determines our bodily changes.

Factors one should keep in mind while buying a new bra

Finding a new bra can sometimes be a tedious job, and nevertheless, you must have a lot of questions about it. Here are a few pointers you must keep in mind while buying a new bra.

  1. Straps: Your strap must be adjustable and must allow two-finger gaps. This will allow the exact and right pressure on your shoulder.
  2. Side wire: This feature may or may not be present in your bra. If you feel a side wire in your bra, make sure it rests flat against your ribcage and never digs in your breast tissue.
  3. Under band: This is one of the most important features to look for while buying a bra. Your under band should be flat against the sternum and secure enough to allow only two finger space under the elastic.
  4. Cups Size: Your breasts must fit in the bra cups without any spillage or gaps.

Another important point to remember is that your band and cup size changes according to different brands and types. For instance, the support of a c cup size bra and b cup size bra in the same bandwidth will be different.

It’s important to choose the right band and cup size as they determine the health of your bosom.

So, before you make a purchase make sure you know what is it that you exactly want to buy. Also, if you still haven’t gotten yourself measured, get yourself measured today for your right size.

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