Get #LoveStruck with Valentine Lingerie

It’s the season of love and they say that love does not make the world go around rather it simply makes the ride worthwhile. The single most important and amazing thing in our lives that makes it better is nothing other than ‘love’.

Valentine's Day often comes with a lot of expectations but there is another important thing that all of us tend to overlook, and that is self- love.

These Valentine's allow yourself to bask in love; you are saving for somebody else. And the best way to do so is to take a break from your daily chores and coddle up a little to give yourself extra pampering. In fact, it’s the best time to get #LoveStruck with yourself and get going for the rest of the year.

Start with relieving yourself from the bare basics lingerie into premium collections and adorn lovely lacey bras with pop-colors, designer straps, and best quality fabric. A good pair of lingerie adds intense flavor to your lingerie collection and your love life as well.

while colors are a very personal and intricate part of the lingerie selection process, we never say that every girl would like to choose shades of red.

But, let’s agree that lingerie in red is an ultimate GOAL, so choosing shades like reds, maroons, and pinks are just going to add an extra oomph to your entire demeanor. In this month of love, let us choose the passionate red color over the basic colors.

This valentine’s day we are here to guide your way into wearing super sexy and luscious lingerie to flatter your inner self a little more. So, go ahead and check out the list of all the fabulous bra collection that’s perfect for Valentine’s 2020.

Lace Embellished

Lace Embellished

The lace embellished or lacey bra is the most loved and widely popular bra in the category of sexy bras. It is a perfect mix of sensuality and attractiveness, adding an extra edge to your lingerie collection. A must-have, especially for the honeymooners or lovers.

This special valentine lingerie can be yours in just one click. But if in any case, the bold red isn’t your jam then we do recommend you the nude and black contrast bras to accentuate your confidence.

Vintage Lace


The vintage lace non-wired collection is all about beauty and seamless design. Opt for softer color tones if going bold isn’t your preference. Exude love and grace with your lovely vintage valentine lingerie. Browse our website and pick your favorite vintage bras.

Superior Fabric


Our innerwear is the first fabric that touches our skin, and hence the fabric selected should never be compromised with. Only superior quality fabrics, like premium polyamide fabric, are perfect for your skin.

Bring home soft and sexy bras with lacey details, from our online store. Visit us for your favorite collection of lingerie in colors, style, and pattern.

So, while you are preparing for the perfect day, it is imperative to look and feel comfortable inside out and Groversons Paris Beauty special Valentine Collection is a one-stop-shop for all your lingerie needs that varies from basics to fancy and premium.

While designing the Valentine Collection, we paid special emphasis on quality, style, great looks and uncompromised comfort which is the pivotal aspect of our brand.

This Valentine’s Day gets love-struck with our premium Valentine’s Day Collection, where we have a whole new range of bras in various colors.

This collection is perfect for pampering yourself and also if you want to look your best in front of your partner and surprise him with your seductive looks.

Never underestimate the value of nurturing true love that you share with yourself. Self-love promotes confidence, joy, and happiness; therefore, always make it a priority!

 Happy Lingerie Shopping!

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