T-shirt Bra: Regular Bra You Should Invest in For Your Daily Comfort

A T-shirt bra is most certainly your best buddy when it comes to something that offers you daily comfort and great shape and is a must-have in your wardrobe. It is thin and lightweight making it feel like your second skin.

It offers you great freedom to move around along with proper support and you also don’t have to worry about your bra shape showing over your T-shirt, a fear which we all know is for real.

Some of the extra added perks of T-shirt Bras from our range are:

 1. They are Seamless

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T-shirt bras are designed to just go into the background, giving you a natural and round shape while offering just a smooth silhouette under all types of clothes - be it a formal shirt, a t-shirt or a bodycon dress, which means that you get freedom from uneven textures that manage to show through from your clothes.

 2. They come with molded cups

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The molding is done by shaping the fabric with heat treatment over a metal breast shape because of which the material takes the shape of the breast despite not having any seams.

Once shaped, the material does not return to its original shape. The benefit of moulded cup is the perfect round shape it gives, giving you the confidence to carry any kind of top.

3.  Made of Super Soft Fabric

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This particular intimate wear is made with a blend of cotton and lycra. This combination offers the best of both worlds - cotton makes the bra breathable and the lycra gives it the elasticity which means that the bra adjusts to all your movements without causing any discomfort.

4. They are wire-free

Wire-free bra means you don’t have to deal with pokey underwires that dig into your skin. You get just the right kind of coverage and it’s loved by curvy women as well. Your breasts get the right kind of support without the discomfort.

5. Detachable Strap Design

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Got plans to wear a cold-shoulder/tube top/nice cocktail dress, just remove the straps and you’re ready to go. We, at GroversonsParis Beauty, strive to give you innerwear that’s flattering and comfortable at the same time so you can enjoy wearing a bra that loves your body.

6.  You Get Free Transparent Straps Inside the Box

Let’s just say that this is an all-in-one range of bras from us as you get the right kind of shape, comfort, fabric, and fit along with the option to wear them without straps or with transparent straps. The best part, you don’t pay extra to buy an additional pair of straps with your padded T-shirt bra, we put them in the box for your convenience.

 7.  A wide range of colors

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To suit your wardrobe’s color palette, we offer you the option of choosing from 11 fabulous colors; black, coral, hot pink, magenta, mauve, navy blue, purple, red, and rose pink.

 Summarizing the reasons, for buying a t-shirt bra:

  • This style forms to your shape and strikes the perfect balance of comfort and support, making it the perfect everyday staple wear.
  • A T-shirt bra comes in padded and non-padded styles designed seamlessly, to give your body a perfect look and fit.
  • You can pair t shirt bra with any top, making it great to wear underneath blouses and shirts made of thinner fabrics

 Pro Tip: Opt for a shade close to your skin tone or to the t-shirt you’re going to wear. Skin tone ones are especially helpful when you are wearing sheer or white tops.

In case you’ve got questions or would like to share something with us, leave your query/suggestions in the comments section.

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