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The most important day of your life is here, and we know how desperately you want to look your best on this day. Everything from fabric to fittings, colors to styles, variety to designs, every little detail matters a lot on this day.

On this big day, we don’t want you to leave any stone unturned to look the best version of YOU, outside & Inside both!

The Prep – Beauty begins underneath !!

 While you are busy preparing yourself for your big day to make it pitch-perfect, we have got your lingerie repertoire sorted. Groversons Paris Beauty’s bridal lingerie collection fits in your list of desires as a perfect match for all the special occasions.

While designing bras for the bride-to-be, we lay emphasis on quality, style, uncompromised comfort, and great looks, adding brilliance and elegance to your entire attire.

Brides across the globe showcase different mood shades, and we are here to celebrate that womanhood in a bigger picture.

So, be it happy-go-lucky, perfectionist, stylish, experimentalist or panicked mood set, we have a bra that perfectly fits your aura in all sense.

Here’s a list of trending bras and innerwear that your closet must-have in your wedding trousseau.

Backless Bra

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Bridal garments are a pretty personal choice, but the most important thing is that you should be happy and comfortable in whatever you wear. And, that inner confidence boost can come only through the best lingerie option.

Let’s all agree to the fact that no matter how thin the wings and hook of your bra are, they still manage to show up in that deep backs /backless choli/blouses/gown.

In such a case, just to hide everything up and give you a better fitting, backless bras come to your rescue. The back straps are transparent with both side hooks and eye for your comfort & need of the garment. Consider donning sexy backless bra for your experimental choli and worry no more! 

Tube Bra

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Bare shoulders are the best kind of shoulders and on engagement day, an off-shoulder dress is a great option. When you do not want to go a little deeper on cleavage but still want to sport that amazing bare look, a tube bra is the right choice for those times.

They are comfortable and supportive, and the one with moulded cups tends to give extra support especially for those on a heavier side.

Lace Bra

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The grace and beauty of a lace bra are incomparable. With an irresistible design, seamless style and glorified lace to flaunt, lace bras are top selection for to-be brides. Also, apt for honeymoons, lace bra is famous for giving a sensual look and adding an extra oomph to your demeanor.

Lacy bras can come in different variations - fusion look, lacey cups, long-line lace bralettes, and front openers. Looking for something sensual, attractive and something special for your big day, we’ll suggest you call the shots for lacy bras.

Body Shaper

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A sleek silhouette has the power to boost your inner confidence. Body shapers can ‘magically’ elaborate your shape and sculpt your body in a better-defined manner. Want to have a temporary solution for your love handles? Guess what, you can have that perfect body without even hitting the gym.

Display an instant slimmer figure that hides perfectly beneath your attire. The body shaper comes in various genres to sculpt and contour different parts like the thighs, waist, and love handle.

Give a great and slimmer start to your big day with your perfect fitting shaper. Shop now

So when planning for your wedding shopping, keep your options wide open and shop for everything that you like. Make your wedding day look like a story dream straight outta fairy tales. For your dream lingerie, shop at our Online Store.

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