Shapewear for Women: Sculpt & Contour your Body The Right Way

The season is right for endless parties and you want to look your best. But alas! Has the bingeing on food and drinks made your shape go a little haywire, and the bulges are showing up under that beautiful dress? You might want to try a waist shaper for the dress you want to flaunt your figure in.

You would wonder why there is a need for body shapers at all?  Some days you may experience bloating, or the fabric of the dress is slinky and you can see even the tiniest of bulges.

These can look very unsightly and gross. The need of the hour is to provide you with full day comfort and ease. Introducing you our range of best slimming shapewear for plus size, with a front panel that helps with extra stomach control.

The Tummy Body Shaper has a patented design that includes a wide waistband that enhances support. Our quality body shapers are invisible under clothing.

Features of the Best Body Shaper

tummy shapewear women

While you plan a shopping spree for shapewear, make sure to notice these features and invest your money on a perfect product.

  • The shaper has a stylish cut. The back and the center seams provide the additional hip definition. Your hips look taut and slim in the shaper. The contours of our shapewear for women’s tummy is perfect for Indian women.
  • The flat seam has an elasticized back and center seams. These elastic areas help to create contours that hug the waist, hips, stomach, and thighs. The tummy shaper for women will make you look fabulous.
  • The shaping garment should be flexible and comfortably accommodate waist sizes of 28 inches through 50 inches. This is possible as the material is super stretchable and contains 60% nylon, 20% cotton, and 20% spandex.
  • The crotch of the garment is for the delicate area of a woman’s body. The high waist body shaper should possess a soft crotch. The area should be made with Hydrofil fiber knit lining with reliable moisture absorbing technology.
  • The waist should be elasticized with a brushed elastic waistband that provides moderate control.
  • The stitching should be seamless so that the stitches do not show through the dress worn over the body shaper.
  • The fabric needs to be a four-way stretch one that is breathable. The double cotton gusset is of high quality, blocks moisture to make it the best cheap body shaper.
  • The ultimate body shaper should be lightweight and durable.

You can get all of these great USPs imbibed in our brand, click here to shop for your fitting shapewear.

Online shopping hacks to buy shapewear online in India

tummy shapewear for women


Online shopping is the next big thing today. Most people find it convenient to look up a particular product on a shopping site online.

The ease of buying and reliable delivery makes online shopping a great way to buy standard items. Also, you get amazing discounts on buying the full body shaper online.

Groversons Paris Beauty is a reliable and trusted brand offering purchase of body shapewear for women in India in the eCommerce space.

It is very simple to buy online from our website as the item comes with a full description. There are no hidden costs.

You can browse through the site at your leisure; choose the best tummy shaper online, and be assured that it will be delivered safely to your address.

Different clothes need a different design of innerwear that looks invisible under it. Choose wisely so that you get the best one that you can wear under anything and look gorgeous as usual.

The innerwear that you wear provides the base of the overall look you are aiming for. If your shapewear shows through the dress material or is so uncomfortable that you are unable to talk, sit or eat without being breathless, it is a disaster.

Choose wisely and get shapewear that you can use for years and look beautiful forever. Until then rock that beautiful curve and stay flawless.



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