The Ultimate Summer Lingerie Guide

Sassy summers are here! This is the season for refreshing drinks and cool crushers, combined with sexy summery outfits. We agree that summer days might be satisfying and favorite for some but we cannot ignore the fact that sweaty days and scorching sun kills our entire vibe.

While we cannot help with the sweat and sun but you can definitely trust us, is in helping you select the perfect summer lingerie. Here are a few tips and tricks for all you lovelies to up your lingerie game during this summertime.

Choose cotton above all

With the breathable fabric being the most important factor while choosing lingerie, let us tell you the truth that nothing on this earth can be as comfortable as cotton. There is absolutely no replacement for cotton.

The moisture-absorbing quality makes it the most liked fabric of all times, and it applies to all kinds of clothing that you can choose to wear during the summer season. Cotton bras are absolutely loved statements for the body when it comes to staying hygienic all day long. Also, girls let us all face it, that we hate that underbust rashes and sweat, and none of us wants to uncomfortably adjust the underbust straps publicly.

Make your color selection game stronger

We know every girl loves bold colors especially when it’s about lingerie. But, hey we would like to shed a little knowledge over here. Remember how your physics teacher told you, that dark color bodies absorb lights and light color reflects light, well guess what it happens the same in case of lingerie. Wearing dark/bold-colored summertime lingerie might cause you a lot of perspiration.

So, we suggest you choose cool and soothing colored summertime lingerie, you might want to opt for a pastel-shade bra that will not make you feel hotter. Choose your t-shirt bras and other selection of lingerie in the same color pattern.

Say no to embellishment

While lace bras are a complete treat to eyes and we know you feel all enticing and alluring while adorning those amazing embellishing bras, we got to accept that lingerie during this season has to be more functional and practical rather than just being sexy.

At most, we suggest you wear a soft padded bra that will be smooth on sexy. Give your skin the absolute delight of comfort and do not let style interfere with it.

Going wireless is the best

We can never ever blame the semi-circular metal wires that are fitted beneath the bra cups. Let’s agree that they are ones that give us maximum support and help us on several untimely occasions.

But again, we will also stress the fact that comfort and breathable fabric bras make our life easier. This summertime choose for wireless bras that will not poke you around and will also help you keep comfort on the top priority. Choose a padded bra that will make your breasts feel secure and bounce-free round the clock.

Be Panty-Wise

Do you know choosing the right panty is also an important part of owning a comfortable lingerie closet? Yes, you heard it right. The right panty selection soothing colors, seamless, and cotton panties can actually help you have a relaxed summer session. A comfortable panty that doesn’t give you rashes and skin infection is a treat to your privates.

Got to make some summertime lingerie decisions well, we hope these bullets will prove to be helpful in selecting new buys. Sono more sweaty days!

Welcome summer like a pro with these breezy summertime lingerie tips!

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