5 Must-Have Bras for Your Everyday Wear

What a woman should wear has been a debatable topic since the beginning of time; and especially when it comes to lingerie, we women need to be extra cautious. Bras have been an integral part of our daily fashion. But, it’s seldom that we talk about the lingerie regime when at home. Bras are a part of basic clothing for every woman with fairly visible bosom.

Our breasts need optimum support from beneath to maintain the integrity of the feminine posture. From maintaining a perfect silhouette to protecting them from outerwear abrasion and not letting us get that annoying back or shoulder pain, there is only so much that bras can do.

So, the next time when you feel like getting serious with your indoor lingerie game here’s a fair list of a few must-haves you should consider.

When at home wear these bras for a pro-life.

1. T-shirt bra

Let’s start with the basic everyday bra; a correct t-shirt bra can make your entire demeanor look very sculpted. And, that is exactly what a bra does.

You have the option to choose from a padded or non-padded bra; that you are most comfortable with, but truth be told a t-shirt bra is perfect for your all-day easy-breezy comfort.

2. Sports Bra

Now we girls love to work out, some of us for lean appearance while the rest to stay fit. We recommend a minimum of 30-40 minutes of yoga or workout for a perfect regime, and while you do so remember to put on your sports bra. 

We understand that wearing a sports bra is not really what you want on a day off/homestay, but girls we also know that you want to take proper care of your breast and not let them sag.

3. Strapless bra

At home or not at home, the fashion game of every girl has been on point since the rock ages; I mean we can rock the silliest hair buns and funny pajamas. And, do you know where does all this innate confidence come from?

It’s your bra. Yes, the sexier your bra is the more confident you become. So next time when you’re at home, do not forget to oomph up your lingerie styling game, just pick up your favorite strapless bra and pull it off like a pro.

4. Non-wired Bra

Who doesn’t love comfortable and well-supported lingerie brought together in one piece. That’s exactly where non-wired bra comes into the picture; while we are all praises about underwired brasa non-wired bra is all you need that doesn’t poke you from beneath and still, gives the best support; well that’s exactly what you need while you relax at home.

5. Padded Bra 

We ladies suffer from various unmanageable breast issues, perky boobs being one of the most known problems to our fraternity. Well, if you want to conceal that nipple show because let’s agree, we can go out to the nearest grocery in pajamas but a nipple show is a big-time embarrassment. Well, in such a case padded bra can be a perfect fit, it conceals the no-show and provides the support. 

6. Bralette Bra

The best benefit of wearing a bralette is that it can be treated as a semi top as well. Especially women blessed with small breasts can use the maximum advantage of a bralette. Pair your crochet, lacey or plain bralette with shorts, skirts, or even pajamas.

It looks uber cool and in such stifling summer days, a bralette is the best way to show off your style and sexiness. So, welcome this summer with an alluring bralette to feel great from within.

7. Cotton Bra

Some of us know about the good old cotton bra from our mom’s lingerie wardrobe, but hey that’s a misconception we need to flush out. Cotton as a fabric is the most breathable stuff to get you past these sweaty days.

And, frankly, with major styles and color options available in the cotton bra segment you can, any day choose the comfort of cotton and support of bra while you’re staying in the home.

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