Top 5 Ways to Style Your Legging

Leggings churidar are a blessing in disguise for all the women who want to stay stylish but do not want to compromise on their styling quotient. We agree that jeans and dresses are amazing and all-time favorites, but churidar leggings hold a special place in our hearts. Nothing can beat the comfort and snug fitting like leggings. Made with super-stretchy and soft fabric, different types of leggings are available in various styles and colors. So, now you can give up that just one pair of jeans and instead keep rocking every day with stylish new looks.

Here are the top 5 ways in which you can pair your leggings with the clothes available in your closet.

1. Kurti

Ever since the introduction of churidar leggings in India, it has been widely accepted by women who love to wear ethnic clothes. Perfect to pair with Kurtis cotton churidar leggings has many advantages over the casual stitched salwar.

It’s available in various color options which covers almost every shade in pantone. The fitting comes in different sizes ranging from Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large. Kurti and leggings are a match made in heaven, and one can never go wrong in pairing these both together.

2. Long Shirt

Are you one of those girls who loves to go cozy and comfy even on her busiest days, but still want to keep her styling option experimental? Well, we have the right option for you, get that super long button-down baggy shirt out of your wardrobe and pair it with ankle length legging pants. For the added style, use a scarf around the neck as an accessory and a belt around your waist. Wrap up your look with boots or sneakers. 

3. Winter Wear

The best way to get all warmed up and comfortable during your winter fashion is to team up your long flowy cardigan or poncho with ankle length leggings pants or printed churidar leggings that fit you perfectly.

Unlike your jeans; your legging doesn’t uncomfortably dig into your skin. Winter fashion is all about being flowy and dressy, in such context, it’s important that we pair the right bottom wear to oomph up our styling quotient.

4. Dresses

If covering up your legs is the way you like to roll even when you wear a dress, then ankle length churidar leggings are a great choice. It does not ruin the look of the dress, rather it adds a natural appeal and grace to the dress.

To complete the entire look pair your outfit with a matching choker or necklace and stilettoes or heels. A statement handbag is perfect to add some extra glamour to your look.

5. Tunics/Tops

Break the monotony of pairing tunics or tops with jeans. Team up your tunics with leggings churidar to create a very chic and modern look for your everyday basic outfit. Add a sling bag, statement jewellery, and comfortable footwear to complete the entire look.

While we love everything about leggings, let’s not forget that every attire comes with some setbacks. So, before you plan to randomly accessorize or pair your legging with any casual dress, keep these pointers in mind.

  • Legging churidars aren’t pants, so it’s unfair on its part that we pair them with crop tops or too short tops. Make sure that whichever top you are planning to wear it is lengthy enough to cover your back.
  • Make sure that you do not team up your leggings with super tight or body-hugging tops. As leggings are snug fit, the too-tight top can entirely ruin the look.
  • Another important factor to keep in mind is to make sure that your legging is of the right fit. Too loose or too tight legging might prove to be uncomfortable.

Ever since the first invention of legging churidar the world has fallen in love with it. It is completely undebatable that any other piece of clothing matches its level of comfort, fit and variety. Shop for a variety of leggings for girls, available in different colors and sizes. Hurry shop today.

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